Tips For Choosing The Right Snow Plow And Accessories

Depending on the industry, many businesses like to consider adding snow removal services to their business arsenal to ensure that their winter months aren't too slow. For individuals, especially those that live in the country, they like to ensure that they are able to get out of their driveways or keep their roads clean without having to rely on someone else. When selecting the right snow plow and accessories, there are many different factors that must be considered. Here is what you need to know before heading to a snow plow sales dealer.

Plow Style and Material

There are several factors that you must take into consideration when you choose a plow style, including the size of the vehicle that you will be using to plow, your region, and usability. A wider straight plow will provide you with the capability of plowing more snow in minimal time. A V-shaped plow provides you with the capability of a movable pivot point, which means that you will have a greater ability to direct the snow.

As for the material of the plow, you have a few different options. The two main options are steel or polyethylene (poly). Poly is a lighter weight material, which makes it a good option for smaller, light-duty vehicles such as a half-ton truck. A steel plow, which is heavier, should be put on a larger, heavy-duty truck. This plow offers more downward force, and because of that, it does a better job of clearing snow.

Plowing Location

Where will you plowing snow at? Are you looking to plow for personal reasons on your own personal property, or do you own a snow removal service or landscaping business and plan to plow for business purposes? Does your area often receive 10+ inches of snow in a storm, or does it typically receive a couple of inches of snow in a single storm with ice and sleet between storms? These types of factors will greatly influence the plow and accessories that you purchase. If you tend to have a lot of ice and sleet, you may want to consider purchasing a spreader to add to your arsenal.

Plowing Maintenance Costs

When you choose your plow and obtain a quote, don't assume that you are done with your expenses, as there are always maintenance costs. Each piece of equipment will have different maintenance costs, so you will want to check with a professional snow plow service for exact maintenance intervals and types of maintenance that will be required for the plow model and accessories that you are purchasing. Don't forget to consider additional maintenance and associated costs for your truck since it will undergo additional stress throughout the winter season, including the brakes, transmission, tires, drivetrain, powertrain, etc.

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