Buying The Right Racing Seat Brackets

Many car enthusiasts enjoy spending time behind the wheel. These enthusiasts spend a significant amount of money on aftermarket upgrades for their vehicles. One common aftermarket purchase is racing seats. These seats allow for greater safety when operating a vehicle at a high rate of speed.

Racing seats feature a five-point harness design that allows passengers to remain firmly in their seats in the event of an accident. Mounting racing seats to a vehicle requires the use of specialized brackets. If you are thinking of switching to racing seats in your own vehicle, be sure you buy the right brackets to complete the job.


The first consideration you must make when investing in racing seat brackets is the material you want the brackets to be made from. Racing seat brackets need to be durable enough to withstand a lot of force, but they shouldn't interfere with the performance of your vehicle.

Brackets that are constructed from aluminum offer maximum stability while reducing the total weight of your vehicle. The lightweight design of aluminum seat brackets ensures that you will enjoy the safety a racing seat can provide without sacrificing speed.

Bolt Pattern

You should always purchase your racing seats before you invest in mounting brackets. Each manufacturer produces racing seats that have a unique bolt pattern. The brackets need to match the bolt pattern on the aftermarket seats to ensure a proper fit.

When you have your racing seats picked out, you can use the bolt pattern on the seats to narrow your options when it comes to investing in quality mounting brackets for your aftermarket seats.

Installation Location

It's important that you realize not all racing seat brackets are created with the same design. The mounting configuration of a vehicle's front seats will be very different from the mounting configuration of the back seats. Most back seats are bench-style seats, while the driver and passenger seat in the front are separate.

Racing seat brackets designed for individual seats will typically have a part number that begins with the letter "F" for front. Rear mounting brackets will have a part number that begins with the letter "R" for rear.

These designations allow you to purchase the mounting brackets that will pair best with your racing seats as you strive to improve the safety and efficiency of your vehicle in the future.

The right racing seat brackets will allow you to operate your vehicle at a high rate of speed without worrying about shifting in your seat. Contact a company like In & Out Seat Mount for more information.

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