Five Things You Need to Do to Restore Your Headlights

If you have a classic car with headlights that are all blurred and don't look right anymore, you don't have to completely replace the headlights. Instead, you can keep your old headlights in place and restore them to their former glory and luster with a little hard work.

Start by Washing Your Car

You need to start by washing your entire car. That way, you will remove all the dust and dirt from your car. This will prevent the transfer of dust and dirt from other parts of your vehicle onto the headlights while you work on getting your headlights back into working order. A quick wash, from top to bottom, is all that is needed.

Find a Good Work Area

Next, you need to find a good work area. You are going to want to work somewhere that is shaded; you don't want the hot sun beating down on you as you work to restore the headlights. You are also going to want to work somewhere where there is not a lot of dust floating around that will get your workplace dirty. Additionally, you want to make sure that you have good lighting.

Prepare the Headlights

Once you have a good work spot, you need to prepare the headlights. You want to focus just on the headlights and cover up the area around the headlights. Take some painters tape and put it around the headlights. Painters tape will not damage the paint on your car and will ensure that you don't transfer anything onto the paint of your vehicle. This will allow you to work more freely.

Sand the Headlights

Next, you need to sand your headlights. This will help get rid of the hazy look on your headlights. You are going to want to use 1500-grit sandpaper, which is really fine, or a similar level of sandpaper. Take the sandpaper, get it wet, and sand back and forth in a horizontal motion. Make sure that you move the sandpaper from left to right and push all the way through. You want to have confident strokes as you remove the grit from your headlights. You can use a higher-grit sandpaper if the build-up is really bad. Just make sure that you sand and create a smooth finish on both of your headlights.

Polish Your Headlight

Finally, you are going to want to polish your headlight. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the headlight. You want to remove all the dust from sanding first. Then, polish the headlights with a compound that is made for plastic surfaces. Apply the polish, rub it in, and wipe it away. Keep going until your headlights have the shine you desire.

If the headlights on your classic car are still foggy after you've followed the above steps, you may have to replace them. Luckily, there are classic car restoration headlights for sale. These headlights will ensure that you don't have to sacrifice the classic look or your car. For more information, contact a retailer near you. 

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