Holiday Car Fresheners With Natural Scents

Car air fresheners get an eco-friendly make-over

It is always nice to step into a nice smelling car; it just makes a car smell cleaner. However, traditional car air fresheners, like the ones that look like Christmas trees, rainbows, and other novelty shapes, often have overpowering scents. The scents that are available for traditional car air fresheners are made with chemicals and artificial fragrances. These types of air fresheners can irritate people with allergies and allergy-induced asthma. The last decade has seen a return to natural fragrances that are made from environmentally friendly materials and with scents found in nature. 

The holidays are associated with many wonderful scents

When we think of the holidays, many different fragrances come to mind. Scents like pine trees, cinnamon, nutmeg, and freshly baked cookies can evoke powerful memories from childhood and Christmases past. Using an air freshener with a holiday fragrance in a vehicle, is a fast and easy way to get into the holiday spirit every day during the season. Holiday car air fresheners can harness the magic of holiday scents without being a potential trigger for allergies.

Allergies are getting worse every year

Due to the ever warming climate, allergies in the general population are getting worse every year. Fragrance allergies can also be very severe; it just makes sense to forgo artificial scents in car air fresheners. Air fresheners in particular seem to trigger allergic reactions in 19% of the population. Choosing a fragrance that is free from chemicals like parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and artificial fragrances can help prevent an allergic reaction.

Natural scents that capture the holiday spirit

There are so many different choices for natural scents that can evoke the spirit of Christmas in any vehicle. Car air fresheners don't have to be restricted to a scented piece of cardboard that is dangling from a rear view mirror. There are scented sachets, metal or glass vials, or yes, even cardboard that has had essential oils dropped onto it. Two of the most classic scents that are associated with the holidays are fresh pine needles or clippings from a fir tree. A fresh clipping of a pine bough will last the entire month of December, and make a car smell inviting. Cinnamon smells like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Cinnamon is an amazing natural scent that can warm any car. Cardamom is a more exotic holiday scent. This natural spice is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Sandalwood and musk, on their own or added to own of the other holiday scents are beautiful and evoke a beautiful holiday night.

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